Why Guerrilla Marketing Won’t Win Every Competitive Battle for You

Mark A Hope
15 min readMay 4, 2022

What is guerrilla marketing?

Guerilla marketing is advertising that is directed toward a target audience, who is not the intended market.

There are several forms of guerrilla marketing campaigns, but all of them involve using unconventional or innovative methods to promote products and services through non-traditional channels, such as social media and word-of-mouth.

A guerrilla marketing campaign is an effective way for small business owners to get their brand noticed in a crowded market.

It can also help them gain credibility and trust customers who might be hesitant about buying from a new business or are looking for something out of the ordinary.

The term guerrilla marketing refers to the tactics used by guerrillas in wartime, who use surprise attacks on the enemy and sabotage. The guerrilla marketing methods are similar: we often employ them for low cost and high profit.

Guerrilla marketing tactics use advertising that grabs attention quickly and effectively to gain exposure and build trust with potential customers.

This type of marketing can take many forms, from unconventional product placement to creative social media campaigns, but all involve using innovative methods to promote products and services in unconventional ways.

Guerrilla marketing examples

There are many marketing tactics that businesses can use to create interest in their products and services. One such tactic is guerrilla marketing, which involves using unconventional advertising methods to draw attention to a product or service.

One type of guerilla marketing is called a “flash mob.” In these events, people gather in public places to create the illusion of spontaneously meeting one another.

An individual or a group may organize these gatherings, and they occur with little or no planning.

Over time, businesses adopted guerrilla marketing tactics to quickly and effectively promote their brands. Today, many companies use guerrilla marketing strategies to generate buzz around new products and services, attract new customers…



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